Is Wilson Worth the Dough?

The average football fan has been duped.  Duped by social media, commercial America and the NFL itself that the position of quarterback, is the do all and end all of everything important in the game of football.   Is the position important?  Of course it is.  It’s just as important as an left tackle,  defensive end, wide receiver, cornerback etc . . .   It’s been well documented how the NFL has modified it’s rules to help protect the quarterback while elevating the potential of a quarterback’s ability.


The Seahawks drafted quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round of the 2012 draft and have made a successful starting quarterback out of him.  The Seahawks have constructed a roster the way many NFL teams only wish they could – by landing “gems” in the later rounds of the NFL draft.   The only problem when doing that is, eventually – all those gems that were drafted come to the end of their rookie contracts and look to a big pay day when the time comes.

The quarterback market in the NFL is almost as lucrative as the Gold Rush of 1849.   The narrative of “you need a quarterback to win in this league” is an overstated and overused one, which has some truth to it, but folks have gotten out of control with it.  Look at the quarterbacks who have gotten huge contracts after winning a Super Bowl – Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Russell Willson. Tom Brady – is on another level and not part of this discussion and Eli, for all the praise he gets, happened to be an average quarterback on a talented roster, so he was fortunate to get back to and win a second Super Bowl. . .

Joe Flacco, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers have all had their own versions of “success” but they all have not returned to the big game although they are paid as if they get there every year.   It’s common sense but it must be said – if you decide to pay a quarterback $20-$25 million a year – then as a general manager you have to find ways to cut corners with your roster.

This is why the Seahawks and Russell Wilson conundrum is an interesting one.

The Seahawks tote around one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, albeit mostly on the defensive side, but still – finding a hole in this roster is nearly impossible.  Russell Wilson has been a direct beneficiary of this roster.  Being the game manager he is, having a running back like Marshawn Lynch in his back pocket is one of the greatest resources any offense could ask for.  Sure, the receivers on the Seahawks aren’t of Pro Bowl caliber, but what they are are blue-collared wideouts, who run routes well, block for the running game and aren’t afraid to put their bodies on the line for the sake of something like a three yard slant route.  This defense is solid all around and they make up for three and outs, and bad field position like clockwork.


Is Russell Wilson terrible?  No.  He’s average.  His stats go hand in hand with Alex Smith’s but the perception of the two is vastly different.  Alex Smith was able to coax the Chiefs into a four year and nearly $70 million contract.  That’s with minimal success over his career and no commercial appeal what-so-ever.  Russell Wilson is on tv all the time and has been on a winning team since his entry to the league.  At the end of it all, Russell Wilson wants $20 million a year (he enters this season in the final year of his rookie contract, with an expected salary of $1.5 million).  Russell Wilson plays just as well as a guy who many were calling a “bust” a few years ago – and he wants $20 million a year.

Of course if you’re Russell Wilson, you should try to get paid as much as you can, while you can.  Especially considering how mediocrity at the quarterback position is consistently overpaid : Alex Smith, Jay Cutler and now, Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins.  The Tannehill contract showed the lunacy which ensues during quarterback contract talks.  Miami Dolphins fans were actually happy with the fact that they overpaid for a player who’s ceiling of potential won’t get them into the playoffs.


Giving Russell Wilson the contract which is expected, will without a doubt start the decline of the Seattle Seahawks organization.

When will there ever be a general manager and coach combination that stands up for how good they are and tell a quarterback : “You know what, we’re good.   We appreciate your time in this organization, but we know how to put a team together.”

You see, it’s not just Russell Wilson – it’s every quarterback.  There are probably three quarterbacks in the NFL who are maybe worth $20 million a year because they have the ability to make everyone around them better.   Those kind of quarterbacks are rare.  Quarterbacks who throw for 20 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and 3400 yards in a season are quite abundant and need a team around them to have success.

G.W. Gras


Those Gamblin’ Cowboys

The stereotype of a cowboy consist of a whiskey drinking, gun toting, roaming gambler who has no fear of another man.   This isn’t the place to determine if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is either drinking whiskey or “packing heat,” but he has certainly shown his gambling side during this off-season.

The Cowboys have been making some interesting roster moves this off-season and although the rhetoric usually goes “teams who make the most noise in the off-season, never make the post-season,” it’s different in the case of this Dallas Cowboys team.  Yes, if you’re a bad team, or a middle of the road team and you decide to make big splashes in the off-season (for example, the Miami Dolphins of this year) it usually doesn’t amount to much.  On the other hand, if you’re already a playoff team and are looking to satisfy a few spots to help you become that much better – it  pays off.  Remember when the Eagles made the move to get Terrell Owens? Or most recently when Denver acquired Peyton Manning?  Those kind of moves help good teams move a step in the right direction.

The Dallas Cowboys already have a good team, but some adjustments/additions had to be made in order for them to take the necessary steps forward.   The Cowboys gambled and gambled early.


As soon as the season was over the talk around the NFL was who out of running back Demarco Murray and wide receiver Dez Bryant, would the Cowboys dedicate a long term contract to?  The Cowboys surprisingly didn’t sign either one long term, letting Murray sign away to division rival Philadelphia and although much to the chagrin of Dez Bryant, Jerry Jones and the boys decided to slap the franchise tag on Bryant.   Letting go of Murray was surprising to some because last year he was their rock and rushed for over 1800 yards, but the Cowboys feel that after the nearly 400 rushing attempts he had last year and his injury history, he wasn’t worth the big bucks.  One can also say that running behind the best offensive line in football will raise any running back’s Madden rating by 15 points. . .   Dez is a top five wide receiver – and in some circles he may be considered a top 2 wide receiver, but the Cowboys are leery of trusting Dez off the field more than on it.  The franchise tag is a way of telling Dez “we need to see maturity from you before we commit to you long -term.”

The Cowboy’s gambling ways did not stop there as they signed defensive end Greg Hardy.  They signed often injured running back Darren McFadden and in this year’s draft they used their second round pick on the first round talent of Nebraska linebacker Randy Gregory.   The Cowboys weren’t done there as they signed un-drafted rookie La’el Collins, the 6’5″ tackle out of LSU.

Now, how are these moves “gambles?”

Let’s start with the most obvious, Greg Hardy.  Hardy was facing some pretty serious domestic abuse chargers, and although the case was settled out of court, the “court of public opinion” has labeled Hardy as a low-life to some degree.   The Cowboys defense needed a player of this caliber and decided to deal with the public criticism and signed Hardy.  Hardy will be facing a ten game suspension this year, but the Cowboys are hoping he’ll be there for them late in the season and most importantly for their playoff run.  Let’s also not forget last year how the Cowboys added one of the NFL’s oddest characters in Rolando McClain.  McClain was a stud linebacker in Alabama and saw on field success with the Oakland Raiders.  McClain has been arrested four times, married and divorced in the same year (2013) and was even a suspect in some kind of insurance fraud. . . He has retired, came back and been a headache for the most part.  The Cowboys paid a low-price to get him on their defense and hope it’s one of those gambles that are “low-risk, high reward.”


Randy Gregory was projected to be taken within the top ten picks of this year’s draft, but his positive marijuana test and his admittance to being addicted to marijuana raised enough red flags that some teams wiped him off their draft boards completely.   Not the Cowboys.  The Cowboys see the need for a pass rusher like Gregory, and there is no doubt with the suspension of Hardy, the need became even more apparent.  Addicts usually fall back to their old habits, but expect the Cowboys to babysit this situation as the season goes on.   La’el Collins was another first round talent that slipped so far in this year’s draft, that nobody touched him.  A pregnant woman who La’el had a relationship with, was shot to death and rumors ran rampant about Collins’ involvement.  It was enough for every team to bail on the LSU tackle.  When the smoke cleared and it appeared Collins was not a suspect in the shooting, he was courted by some teams, but decided to sign with the Cowboys.  The Boys already had the best offensive line in the NFL, the addition of Collins is a gamble worth taking, because this elevates this line from the possibility of being the best, to one of the “greatest” we’ve seen in recent history.

The McFadden signing, isn’t a gamble that comes with the red flags as the ones already mentioned, but McFadden’s injury history has plagued him (and fantasy football owners) his whole career.  McFadden is being looked to fill the shoes of a running back that carried the ball nearly 400 times last season.  That just isn’t realistic.  McFadden, when healthy is one of the most versatile tools that can be added to any offense and if he is healthy within a stable of running backs, this can prove to be a very valuable addition.


Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere should be happy with the moves Jerry Jones and company have made this off-season.   They don’t care about the criticism they may receive because of the character issues surrounding their newly acquired players.  They shouldn’t anyhow.  Let’s be honest, they are the Dallas Cowboys, their moves are under the biggest microscope no matter how minor or major.   The Cowboys have raised the anti and with that raised their expectations for the on-coming season.  If they are hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end of it all, the gambles would have paid off and Jerry Jones can let out a sigh of relief.

G.W. Gras

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“Bush” Album Review

There is no question that Snoop Dogg will go down as one of the most recognizable music personalities of all time when it’s all said an done.   His voice and swagger can never be duplicated and the confidence he exudes is not an act – which makes his presence believable, no matter the format – music, movies, reality tv, etc.


His work on Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” and Snoop’s first album “Doggystyle” are nothing short of hip hop classics.   Sure, he hasn’t duplicated that success, but he has stood the course and has continued to put out quality hit records.

“Bush” is Snoop’s thirteenth album and he is far removed from the rhyming ways of his early ’90’s persona.  For those that remember Snoop Dogg’s 2007 hit “Sexual Seduction” – he went in a funk direction, with even a little twist of disco in it – he approaches “Bush” the same way, except the approach is certainly more direct.

The album’s lead single “Peaches and Cream” features Charlie Wilson and is a smooth club song, supplied with a funk guitar lead and bass.  With an assist in the song writing by George Clinton, this track has the most infectious funk-feel on the entire LP.   While “Bush” features Snoop more as a vocalist than rapper on this project, he delivers a verse with the old Snoop confidence on this one: “Two bad broads with the bass on / I never met a girl that I’d wait for / I seal my deal like Jay does / All that and then some / Pimp real for real when I win some.”

“California Roll” sounds different from all the other tracks on “Bush” and features the legendary Stevie Wonder on the hook.   Pharrell (who handles a lion’s share of production and writing credits throughout the album) gives a nice laid back canvas which gives a nice back ground for Stevie’s harmonica playing.


The issue with “Bush” is that the novelty wears off quickly.  Tracks like “R U A Freak” where Snoop is trying to weaken the protective guard of a girl he has interest in.  The song is pretty unimaginative and comes weak with the lyrics: “She DTF – cause she’s down to feel / That aromatic, now unlock it baby this is for real / Are you a freak or what?  / I’m just a squirrel tryna get a nut.” 

Much like what happened to Pharrell on his own album, some of the tracks just sound too much alike with nothing defiantly separating them in instrumentation or melody.  “I Knew That” provides another uninspiring hook, and Snoop’s studio altered voice begins to way on the listener’s patience at times.  “Awake” provides the same kind of fuck sound found on Mark Ronson’s funk inspired “Uptown Funk” album and once again the lyrics leave little to be desired : “My name is Snoop Dogg, not to complain / I gets my groove on, I do my thing / My planet’s Krypton, home of the freaks / come get your moon-rocks, I am a G.” 

Gwen Stefani appears on the track “Run Away” and it only further reminds us all that we’ve been doing just fine without any new music from Gwen Stefani. . .


The album ends with “I’m Ya Dog” which features Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar, for all those wanting actual “rap” on a Snoop Dogg album.  Kendrick comes on the track with a very awkward, choppy flow that does nothing for the record, while Ross doesn’t stray away from his formula, but at least delivers the line: “Search warrant for the crib, you better get a map for it.”  

“Bush” is a quick ten track listen and anything more than that would just induce a boredom which would lead to a distaste for future Snoop projects.  The good thing about Snoop is that he does at least test himself and try new things, this album would’ve been better suited maybe if Pharrell didn’t produce the entire piece and helped to co-write most of it.  Not saying Pharrell isn’t talented, but the sound gets too familiar and repetitively uninspiring.

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

G.W. Gras

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Tom Brady: Haters Gonna Hate

Is everyone good now?  Have all your prayers been answered?  Are you happy that your pathetic pleas have been recognized?  A lot of you must be, because for years the amount of hatred fueled by jealousy towards Tom Brady and the New England Patriots has been one of the NFL’s greatest annoyances of all time.


Tom Brady has been issued a four game suspension due to “deflate gate” and those pathetic monday morning quarterback types are out in full force.  Now that the Patriots have to forfeit $1 million dollars and two future draft picks (1st rounder in 2016 and 4th rounder in 2017) that makes up for the ills of your favorite team, right?  For every Jets fan that has to deal with  the circus that comes with being loyal to the “gang green” this will make your franchise better right?  For every Peyton Manning fan who tries to win the “who’s better” argument – now you’ve got the haymaker in that argument, right?

Tom Brady and the Patriots got caught taking air out of balls.  That’s what happened, that’s it.  You would think they took food out of the mouths of starving children the way some were reacting to this.  Yes, let’s bring up “Spy Gate” and let’s bring up how they bend a rule here and there to their advantage – you’re not mad because they did it – you’re mad because your team didn’t do it.  Maybe if your Falcons, Lions or Raiders franchise looked to find an edge rather than meddle in mediocrity – you’d be in a happier spot.

Since they don’t – you end up looking pathetic.


Success breeds jealousy, and the Patriots’ triumphs for over a decade have been the breeding ground for envy.  People wish for the life Tom Brady has and it kills them to see him succeed – and even at times flaunt it.  Once again Tom Brady deflated footballs, meanwhile your favorite player probably beat up a child or punched a woman in an elevator – but Tom Brady is the bad guy.

This isn’t a defense for cheating by the way.  It’s an acknowledgement of knowing it happens and that in some ways – cheating is just part of the game.   How many times has one of your players got away with something illegal or “bush league” and you just chuckle to yourself and say “oh well.”  Everyone is guilty of noticing an injustice done to the opposition at one point or another during a game  and what do you do? You chuckle to yourself and say “oh well.”

There is no room for “opportunistic morality” folks.  You can’t pick and choose when it’s okay to cheat or cut a corner.  It has to be 24-7-365 – and that’s just down right impossible.

You’re not happy because Brady and the Patriots got caught – you’re happy because someone who is better than you is getting punished and embarrassed.  You’re happy because your team can’t come close to embarrassing the Patriots, so someone else did it for you.

What have you won?  What have you gained?

Nothing, yet you’re celebrating this suspension if for nothing else, your pathetic need for an unwarranted retribution.

Deflate Gate doesn’t hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch at the goal line. Deflate Gate doesn’t make Peyton Manning play like trash in the playoffs nearly every year. And Deflate Gate doesn’t stop Indianapolis from getting their barn doors blown off last January.

Truth is, if it wasn’t for the public relations disaster Roger Goodell and the NFL have found themselves in lately, this would’ve been a “slap on the wrist” punishment handed down to the Patriots.  Maybe a 5th round pick or a $10,000 fine.  The NFL is under  a microscope and this was just the worst time for Brady to get nabbed for something like this.  This punishment isn’t even much to make “an example” out of Brady – it’s more to show the world that Roger Goodell is coming down with the hammer on anybody for anything.  It’s kind of like having the “new sheriff’s in town” mentality. . . except it’s the same sheriff.


Which brings up something else.  Brady is hated so much, that fans were basically pleading with Roger Goodell to come down harshly.  This is the same poor guy who got booed every single time he crossed the stage on Draft Day.   This is the same guy who you all say isn’t fit for the job and should be fired when things don’t go your way.

I guess there are no problems with Goodell today though.  He gave you all what you wanted.  Now don’t cry when there is another meaningless rule being broken and it’s the star player form your team being suspended for four games.

Yeah, don’t cry.  It’s pathetic.


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P.S. Here’s a footnote for you – I AM NOT a Patriots fan, by the way.


“Special Effects” Album Review

Tech N9ne is credited as being one of the hardest working artist in the hip hop industry.  He has become a self made millionaire by marketing himself and his label Strange Music since 1999.   If you blink for too long, he may drop another EP or Mixtape in between album releases and if you listen to slow – you might miss a gem in the rapid fire delivery he provides over tracks.   Tech N9ne is one of the most versatile and original rap artist that have graced a microphone.  He loves to challenge himself and explore new dimensions within his music – and his song concepts are usually guided by production similar to that of a horror movie.  On “Special Effects” the Kansas City born MC, adds a list of A List features including Lil’ Wayne, T.I. and Eminem; he also deals with the death of his mother and his frustration with that topic is sprinkled throughout the album.

photo 1

The album opens with Tech’s trademark aggressiveness and he jumps right into the topic of his mother who has passing and the unjust world around him on “Ah Yeah.”Tech was so excited about this intro that he leaked it himself to his fans.  Tech holds no punches when talking to his creator: “Yellin’ this to my superior, degrading of love is inferior / Upon this earth a lot of people jerked around, about 300,000 to Syria / Are you serious!? I could never think of burying my children, period, Nigeria / I’m a yell while I’m walking through this hell cause I’m furious.”   At the end of “Ah Yeah” is when he asks God about the passing of his mother, which leads into  “Lacrimosa”  where Tech continues his discussion with God and is disappointed in the fact that he wasn’t allowed one more day with his mother.   At the end of the track he says “I don’t denounce God in any way, I just feel my mother’s suffering was too great for how much she worshipped.”   The production is provided by Seven, who shines throughout the album, and delivers a haunting choir chanting over strings and during the verses the strings are stretched and out of tune delivering the eerie backdrop which Tech loves to work on.

Tech goes on in this album, to flex and show off his range and willingness to explore new challenges in music.  At one point on “Special Effects” he asks the listener “Why not have all these links to all these different genres? Why can’t I be the epicenter of all types of music?”   Why not, indeed.  Fans of Tech know he is know stranger to world of rock music and he goes in hard on “Wither,” which features Corey Taylor of Slipknot.  Tech and Taylor go verse for verse and it’s a match made in psychopathic heaven as they both flow over Seven’s production, (which displays a laid back rock sound, transitioning to metal).  The song is about battling ones demons and not knowing what to do with the frustration it brings.   Tech also ventures into the world of dub-step on the track “Roadkill” in which Excision lends a feature and his production on.  His flow almost sounds programmed to the skipping drum “You better be careful when summoning my circle with evil intentions, I dominate / Any competitor etcetera etcetera /I’m coming out the victor cause I am the Great!”


He dominates the Young Gotti and Lil’ Wayne featured track “Bass Ackwards.”  While each artist talks about things that are “ass backwards” in life and in general, Tech added a clever twist to his bars which the others didn’t even attempt: “Tecca Nina bout to hit ’em with the woop wop / Now the barrel of my governor is hoo tot / Cause you the type that’ll get your whole shew crot / Loud mouth n*gga tripping thinking that he Putac.”   T.I. joins in on the gun-play-inspired “On the Bible” and surprisingly hangs with Tech on the song.  One says “surprisingly” because lately T.I. hasn’t said much of anything.   Even the usually-lyrically-vacant 2 Chainz stepped up his game on the party song “Hood Go Crazy” which also features B.O.B on the hook.  The track works well and fits right in with the club music scene, but the other party song “No K” featuring E-40 and Krizz Kalico falls flat.  “No K” is some slang term that Tech tries to evoke but there is no way it catches on.  Strange Music artist  Krizz Kalico, handles the hook well but as mentioned before, the song fails.

This isn’t the only song where Kalico is the only good part of  a track either.   He handles the sweet and soft hook on “Shroud” but the production by Seven and the delivery by Tech are so chaotic and all over the place, the track itself just becomes an unbalanced mess of sorts.  Tech tries to satisfy too many people  on this album and tracks like “Yates” ” Life Sentences” and “Give It All” are absolute “album fillers” that would’ve served better as “unreleased.”

photo 2

Even the much anticipated collaboration with Eminem “Speedom” feels a little incomplete.  Both MC’s handle their business with lyrics and rapid fire flows, but Seven’s production gets weak in a moment where it absolutely should’ve been at it’s best.  Tech proves he can hang with Eminem on the track though : “I’m the fury, the final fight/I flip it on the fraudulent fellas for feelin’ fright / I flick it on fire, finish him when the flow in flight / Feminine fakers fall, I’m floggin’ a foe with a fife.”

One of the album’s standout tracks is “Dyin’ Flyin'” which once again features a hook by the versatile Krizz Kaliko.  Here is when Tech talks to his fans which call him a sell-out for working with mainstream artist and even making songs that are more mainstream than “underground.”  Tech is a man in the industry positioning himself financially through his musical skills and drive – that is all, but his fans seem slighted.  Tech is an artist who seemingly does love his fans though and it seems to be taking a toll on him somewhat : “How the hell are you sayin’ that all the records I’m playin’ since 2010 are not obeying the Strange Law? / Remained raw, give you happy and pain all / spit with a flame jaw and the teeth of a chainsaw!”

After hearing “Dyin’ Flyin'” the whole album kind of makes more sense, but doesn’t fully help it’s cause either.  Tech N9ne is trying to make too many people happy now and maybe at his age he does want that mainstream attention that has evaded him his whole career.  He has seen numerous artist who aren’t as talented, created or driven as him get their spot in the limelight so it would only make sense that he would think he deserves some of that as well.   “Special Effects” has a lot of special moments and is worth a listen, yet the listener will somehow come away feeling unsatisfied and bombarded simultaneously.

Rating 6 out of 10

G.W. Gras

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The Aftermath of the Draft

Maybe we as fans have given the sport we love too much power.  Seriously, think about it.  The NFL has taken over our lives so much that even something as trivial as a schedule for the upcoming season being released becomes the buzz across the nation.  One could even argue that the NFL releasing it’s schedule during the NBA and NHL playoffs was another way football just flexed their muscle on the other sports brands.

The NFL Draft has become almost as big as the first round of the NFL Playoffs.  Advertisers line up to get their time in, fans set up “draft parties” for the first round and the football pundits have been rehashing arguments and repositioning players on their “big boards” for over a month – adding to the intrigue the draft presents.


It’s all a big spectacle at the expense of exploiting these college kids one last time.   The word “exploit” may be a bit harsh, but there is nothing else left to call it.   The lead up to the draft becomes tiring though, as the same rhetoric gets spit back and forth on sports radio/tv for months.   Every year around draft time we get reminded of how much of a bust Jamarcus Russell was as a number one overall pick and that Tom Brady was drafted with the 199th pick of the 2000 draft.

We hear these stories every single year. . .

This year’s draft brought it’s own little story lines and now it’s over.  For better or worse, each team has made their draft picks and are now hoping these young kids will earn roster spots and be building blocks for the team’s future.  With that being said, here are five reasons why, we all should be thankful the draft is finally over.

1. No More Winston / Mariota comparisons:  

It was pretty clear from day one, Winston was more of the prototypical quarterback that came with off the field issues, while Mariota was the untraditional quarterback who is a model citizen.  That was it but every blow hard with an opportunity felt the need to bring that up to the media whenever given the chance.    The debate of who should go number one and why, has been given the same story by a hundred different voices.  It was enough to make you not like either or both of these young men for no reason what-so-ever other than that you were tired of hearing their names.

2. No More Mock Drafts: 

While acknowledging that their are a lot of folks out there who put in the hours and energy to watch film and break down team needs in order to write up a decent mock draft – it’s over-bearing.   Everybody who is anybody with a blog site or twitter handle makes up their own mock draft.   Sometimes it’s not even one mock draft either.  You have some guys who do “Mock Draft 2.0,” “Mock Draft 3.0,”  “Mock Draft (with trades)” etc, etc.   Now that the draft is over, about 90% of  those guys see how wrong they were (uh, me included.)

3. The Term “40 Time” Goes Back to Meaning Nothing :

Everybody likes speed.  Fast cars, fast money, fast. . . everything.  How many times have we seen a player’s speed be talked about more than his actual skill-set, just to see it blow up in some NFL scout’s face?   There’s no other time but draft time when you hear people talk about an athlete’s “40 Time” as if a forty yard dash would shorten the gap between Amari Cooper and some wideout from a division two school who ran a 4.2 40 Time – just stop it.


4.  Your Nerves Are A  Little More At Ease:

Whether your team made a steal in the draft or totally blew it in every round, at least now you have piece of mind.  For better or worse, at least this thing is over.   The football pundits lead you to believe your team will trade players for picks, move up or down in the draft or have their eyes set on “one player in particular” and it drives you crazy.  Yes, it was fun to believe that Chip Kelly would’ve traded away every and anything to attain the services of Marcus Mariota, but let’s all be certain that the Philadelphia Eagle’s fans were nervous as all hell, because there is absolutely no telling what Chip Kelly’s next move is.

5. Mel Kiper Hibernates For About 10 Months:


Kudos to Mel for all the draft work he does and for all the research he’s done over the years, but there is something about him that makes us all cringe.  Maybe it’s because we’ve come to know Mel as the “do all, end all” of the NFL draft and we put too much stock into his words.  If Mel says your team should do something, and if it’s something you like, you just don’t want to hear from Mel or his ridiculous hair.   At least Mel doesn’t say bonehead things though as Jon Gruden did in this year’s draft. . .  After the Rams drafted running back Todd Gurley, Gruden said that the Rams franchise hadn’t had a featured back since Eric Dickerson.  Gruden must’ve been asleep during the reigns of Steven Jackson, Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis – but it’s cool Jon, you still have “Gruden’s Quarterback Camp” every draft year in which you try to convince us that a quarterback with 4th round talent is going to be a steal.  .  . riiiiight.

G.W. Gras

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