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The Heartthrob’s 2016 NFL Mockery Draft

Here is my disclaimer:

I am not a draft guru.  I don’t pretend to be.  Eh, I kind of pretend to be at least. . .  Regardless, if you want REAL breakdowns of NFL draft prospects – check out the following guys: Josh Zimmer (@JZimmer_NFL), Montel Hardy (@MontelNFL), Joe Wedra (@JoeWedra) and Justin Higdon (@afc2nfc).  Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s proceed with the ridiculous! (Only doing the first two rounds)

Round 1:

  1. Titans – The obvious, no brainer pick.  The Titan’s think they have a franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota, so it makes perfect sense to select Ole Miss, left tackle Laremy Tunsil.  Laremy+Tunsil+NFL+Combine+Day+3+ddhVEdGdq63l
  2. Browns – Does it really matter who they pick?  No, it doesn’t.  They just signed RG3, but is that really signing a starting quarterback? Who knows. They’ll still take Carson Wentz, quarterback out of North Dakota State.  Keep in mind, every single division one college could’ve had this guy. . . or at least that’s what I tell myself.  He played for North Dakota State. . . And killed it, at North Dakota State. We know nothing about the state of North Dakota except that there is a south to it apparently.
  3. Chargers – An interesting team.  Do we root for them purely for their powder blue jerseys?  Probably.  Why not, those jerseys are probably the flyest things you can purchase on NFLshop.com.  I have a powder blue Rivers jersey, it’s beautiful.  Usually I rock it with grey sweats, grey sneakers and a powder blue hat.  The pick? Does it matter, really?  They’ll over-shoot the value of Oregon defensive end, DeForest Buckner who’ll end up being a bust.
  4. Cowboys – They need defense. Sure.  But they also know that with a good running back behind this offensive line, they can go back to being the offense they were before last season.  In a surprise move they take Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot. Ezekiel+Elliott+BattleFrog+Fiesta+Bowl+Ohio+txBvI6Keximl
  5. Jaguars – The Jags can score, they just need to stop other teams from doing it to them.  They go after UCLA’s linebacker, Myles Jack.  A great athlete who can make up for some of the holes in this defense
  6. Ravens – They keep giving money to Joe Flacco, because they love living in a world of mediocrity. Protect that mediocre investment with Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Staley.
  7. 49ers – Kapernick realizes there are worse things in the world like playing for a this team and being coached by Chip Kelly – like chewing tin foil. So he sticks it around, mostly because nobody else will pay him what he’s owed.  They take Shaq Lawson out of Clemson, which is funny because they should’ve taken the better defender out of Clemson Kevin Dodd.
  8. Eagles – Funny, they pick right after Chip Kelly does. They lock up Florida corner back Vernon Hargreaves. III+Vernon+Hargreaves+Florida+State+v+Florida+VYIGliSqY87l
  9. Bucs – Call the 49ers real quick to thank them.  They select Clemson’s Kevin Dodd.
  10. Lions – Giants general manager Jerry Reese is on the hot seat.  Spent a lot of money on defense in the off-season and was really hoping for Ezekiel Elliot to drop to number 10.  Calls Detroit for a swap of picks – Detroit wants to fill that defensive tackle spot so they take Alabama’s A’Shawn Robinson.
  11. Bears – Everyone the Bears wanted, Hargreaves, Robinson and Staley are gone.  They remember they have a corner in Kyle Fuller who is awful, so they select Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey in hopes of something better.
  12. Saints – Nobody knows why Sean Payton and Drew Brees are still here.  They go after Leornard Floyd, linebacker out of Georgia – who will end up being a good building block for them, when they realize they stink and should be rebuilding. Leonard+Floyd+Georgia+Southern+v+Georgia+dvAMtXsRZG1l
  13. Dolphins – They are tempted to take a receiver here but they have two young ones in DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry who should be okay moving forward.  Only issue is that this poor team still thinks Ryan Tannehill is a true franchise quarterback.  In a surprisingly smart move, they take Houston corner William Jackson III. 
  14. Raiders – Ignore the red flags and take Robert Nkemdiche, out of Ole Miss.  The gamble will pay off in the long run for the boys in silver and black.
  15. Rams – They think they got lucky with Cal quarterback Jared Goff, dropping to them but much to their dismay he turns out to be horrible at playing quarterback.  In a surprising twist he can hold a clipboard and root his teammates on from the sidelines really well, so there’s that. . .Jared+Goff+Arizona+State+v+California+pTp-DWGfgNdl
  16. Giants – Much like the Rams, the Giants think they’ve gotten lucky that Ohio State linebacker Joey Bosa has fallen to them.  But they realize by week three Bosa can get shoved around a lot and doesn’t play as “big” as he did for Ohio State.  Jerry Reese goes on twitter and starts to write childish memes about Joey Bosa before being fired by the Giants half  way through the season.
  17. Falcons – The Falcons continue the love for Ohio State in the first round and select corner Eli Apple.
  18. Colts – Realizing that their overall talent and depth chart are extremely underwhelming – they decide to put this entire season on the shoulders of a healthy Andrew Luck.  They help him out by drafting Ole Miss wide out Laquon Treadwell.
  19. Bills – Rex Ryan don’ care.  Takes a sure bust in Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee.
  20. Jets – Funny how the Jets draft after Ryan, huh?  The Jets traded for Ryan Clady because of the retirement of left tackle D’Brickshaw Ferguson.  Clady is a veteran and the Jets are a little paranoid.  So they go after Ohio State’s (yes, another Buckeye) Taylor Decker, who  is more of a right tackle, than left – there is enough value in the potential of him moving forward for the Jets to feel this is the best move now.
  21. Redskins – Don’t look now, but the Redskins actually have a pretty decent squad. This allows the Redskins to take a gamble on injured Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith. Jaylon+Smith+BattleFrog+Fiesta+Bowl+Ohio+State+gLEhp-h8F7zl
  22. Chiefs – After swapping picks with the Texans, the Chiefs decide to draft wide receiver Will Fuller out of Notre Dame.
  23. Vikings – The Vikings draft wide receiver Michael Thomas out of Ohio State.  No cute story here or anything, they just need wide receivers.
  24. Bengals – They need wide receiver’s too, to help opposite of AJ Green, they go after TCU’s Josh Doctson.
  25. Steelers – Tempted to go wide receiver here as well, they decide instead to help out a secondary that was destroyed last year and draft Clemson corner back, Mackensie Alexander.
  26. Seahawks – The rich get richer, the Seahawks add an inside linebacker to their rotation in Alabama’s Reggie Ragland.
  27. Packers – The Packers need someone in that defensive tackle spot, they knew Alabama’s Jarran Reed would be here, so it’s a no brainer.  Deep down, they were hoping Robert Nkemdiche would’ve dropped to them.  Tough luck, Wisconsin.
  28. Vikings – Minnesota wants back in, so they trade their second and third round picks to the Texans.  Vikings go wide receiver again, to help out their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.  They select Baylor’s Corey Coleman.
  29. Cardinals – They have the coolest coach in the league in Bruce Arians.  Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end from O.K. State is still there.  Arians now turns from the draft, lights up a cigar and turns on the radio.  Straight chillin’.
  30. Panthers – Carolina is pissed off.  They thought they’d get one of the receivers they wanted so they could pair him up with a healthy Kelvin Benjamin.  Instead they get Sterling Shepard out of Oklahoma.  He’s not the biggest of guys, but he’s got what it takes to be a slot receiver in this league for a long time.
  31. Broncos – They still don’t have a quarterback.  In a surprise move John Elway and the Broncos lock in on Mississippi State’s quarterback Dak Prescott.  His DUI is scaring some team’s off, but Elway sees a natural leader who can make minimal mistakes with the football. Dak+Prescott+Mississippi+State+v+Texas+n4im673x0QKl

Second Round – This one will be quick

32. Browns – The Browns need a receiver but totally force the issue and overshoot the value of Pitts’ Tyler Boyd.

33. Titans – Jason Spriggs, guard out of Indiana to help continue the protection of this supposed “franchise” quarterback, Marcus Mariota.

34.Cowboys – Many don’t know about Maryland’s defensive end  Yannick Ngakoue, but they will.  Bonus: Cowboys snag another running back in the fourth round, Alabama’s Kenyan Drake.  The Boys are going to move the chains a lot this year. . . Kenyan+Drake+Goodyear+Cotton+Bowl+Alabama+Ox7bWOp6wcql

35. Chargers – They love the versatility of Ohio State’s Braxton Miller and role the dice on someone who could potentially have the play maker ability of a healthy Percy Harvin.

36.Ravens  – Derrick Henry, Alabama running back, helps this team get back to just running the ball.

37. 49ers – Joshua Garnett, guard out of Stamford.  Has potential to become a ten year starter.  That’s unless the 49ers kill this kid’s passion to play football and he retires early. . .

38. Jaguars – Follow suit and take a guard, this time it’s Washington State’s Cody Whitehair.

39. Bucs – Boise State has a guy named Kamalei Correa.  . . sure, why not?

40. Giants – Reese just can’t catch a break.  Wanted Elliot in the first round, then wanted Henry in the second.  Couldn’t get either and settles for Utah running back Devonte Booker.


41. Jets  – Jets trade Mo Wilkerson to the Bears for a second round pick.  After the Jets select Louisville defensive tackle Sheldin Rankins , the Bears realize they could’ve done the same thing and saved money.  .  .Bonus: the Bears have the steal in the draft when in the fifth round they select tight end Tyler Higbee out of Western Kentucky. . . BearDown!

42. Dolphins – Keanu Neal, safety out of Florida.  Miami keeps the in-state talent.

43. Rams – Xamien Howard, corner out of Baylor will easily fill the void left by Janoris Jenkins.

44. Raiders – Raiders like the versatility of USC safety Su’a Cravens.

45. Rams  – Take Texas A&M tackle, Germain Ifedi.

46. LIons – Go after a defensive end, Shilique Calhoun out of Michigan State.  There are about three better options at this position, but y’know, it’s Detroit.

47. Saints – Go after defensive end, Sheldon Day, out of Notre Dame.  There are two better options at this position, but y’know, it’s Detro— er, New Orleans.

48. Colts – Makes sense for the Colts to draft Alabama center, Ryan Kelly here – let him grow with Luck for years to come.

49. Bills – Look at Boston College safety, Justin Simmons.

50. Falcons – Need some youth at pass rusher – they select Noah Spence out of Eastern Kentucky.

51. Jets – Jets roll the dice with quarterback Paxton Lynch out of Memphis.  Although Ryan Fitzpatrick has been signed back to the Jets (in this fantasy world) the organization knows Fitzy is not the “future,” and neither are Bryce Petty or Geno Smith.

52. Texans – Decide to finally draft somebody and to no-one’s surprise, Bill O’Brien snags the kid he coached at Penn State, quarterback Christian Hackenberg.Christian+Hackenberg+Penn+State+v+Wisconsin+btrwQIi2wN_l

53. Redskins – Redskins draft the brother of Bears corner back Kyle Fuller – Kendall Fuller out of Virginia Tech.  The Redskins hope they got the better Fuller.

54. Texans – Previously the Vikings pick, the Texans decide to select the slightly undersized yet speedy defensive end Jonathan Bullard out of Florida.

55. Bengals – UCLA D-tackle Kenny Clark gets selected by Cincy.

56. Seahawks – Utah State has two linebackers of pretty equal quality to take here, Kyler Frackell and Nick Vigil. They flip a coin, heads is Frackell.

57. Packers – The penny pinching Packers pick up the quarter left on the ground by the Seahawks and draft Nick Vigil out of Utah State.

58. Steelers – Select Boise State safety Darian Thompson.

59. Chiefs – Snatch up the instinctive Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright, who ends up being a nice rotational piece on an NFL defense.

60. Patriots – After having to sit out the first round, the Pats get back to back picks. Cornerback out of Oklahoma, Zack Sanchez is the pick here. Zack+Sanchez+Oklahoma+State+v+Oklahoma+FuaSalb_aLCl

61. Patriots – Alex McCallister out of Florida will try to pick up where Chandler Jones left off.

62. Panthers – In a surprise reach, the Panthers nab Umass wide receiver Tajae Sharpe.  Bonus: In the sixth round they snatch up Tennessee wide out Marquez North, who proves to be the best of the three receivers they got this year.

63. Broncos – Kenneth Dixon, running back out of Louisiana Tech.

That does it.  Only two rounds and I’m beat.  You got to give credit to the guys who can do this for all seven rounds.  Anyhow, hope you can tell who I liked and didn’t like and who’s fortunes I hope turn around and who I hope sinks to the bottom.

Most importantly – hope you were at least entertained.

G.W. Gras

twitter @GeeSteelio

My Mockery of a Mock Draft

For the last month or so the internet has been flooded with mock drafts.  Some writers do 3 or 4 different mock drafts which either change one or two things here and there or totally find themselves on the opposite spectrum from where they once stood.  Is it over-done?  Probably.  One would say it’s over-done to the point of exhaustion, but there is obviously an audience for it or it wouldn’t be done in such abundance.  This mock draft is a “lighter side” of what the importance of draft day may mean to many.  In no way is this draft being done to discredit the work and countless hours put in by those who take this seriously and handle it exceptionally well.  If you want in-depth and worth-while draft analysis, there will be a list of those folks at the end of this draft that you can follow on twitter.

With that being said, here it is: “My Mockery of a Mock Draft.”

1st Pick: Tampa Bay Buccanneers – Nobody should ever listen to nonsensical rumors put out by Ron Jaworski.  This is the same guy who said at the start of last year that Colin Kapernick was on his way to becoming the best player in the NFL.  Okay. . .  Jaws put out a rumor that the Bucs would probably end up taking Mariota – not likely.  Bucs don’t think too hard about this one and knew that as soon as Jameis Winston announced his eligibility for the draft, that’s who they were taking.

Jameis Winston, Florida State

2nd Pick: San Diego Chargers – The Chargers decide to trade Philip Rivers and their first round pick to the Tennessee Titans for their second overall pick and a fourth rounder.  The Titans reunite head coach Ken Whisenhunt with Philip Rivers and Rivers gets a team with young wide receivers and a place NOT looking to move to Los Angeles.  The Chargers decide to enter the realms of “below mediocre” by drafting Marcus Mariota and in the long run, making head coach Mike McCoy’s light dim faster than anyone would’ve thought.

Marcus Mariota, Orgeon

3rd Pick: Chicago Bears – The Jags want a running back and the Bears are currently over-paying one.  The Bears trade Matt Forte and their seventh overall pick to the Jaguars and select Dante Fowler of Florida.  Many will fault the Bears for not taking one of the stud wide receivers or USC’s defensive end Leonard Williams, but the Bears’ new regime wants to build it’s 3-4 defense and see Fowler as the athletic linebacker who can be their guy for years to come.  Only time will tell . . .


Dante Fowler, Florida

4th Pick: Oakland Raiders – Oakland knows they want a wide receiver here – but which one?  That’s easy, because according to Raiders’ logic you go with the faster guy.  Kevin White is the man chosen to be paired up with Derek Carr for the long run.

Kevin White, West Virgina 

5th Pick: Washington Redskins – The Redskins have no idea what to do here.  After  a phone call from Jon Gruden to Jay Gruden is made, the Redskins decided to draft Leonard Williams, the defensive end out of USC, who ultimately will go down as the guy the Bears should’ve drafted.

Leonard Williams, USC

6th Pick: Minnesota Vikings – The Jets kinda want Amari Cooper, but they fiddle around on the phone lines and see if there are any takers.  The Vikings call and give the Jets their first rounder, third rounder and the bust named Cordaralle Patterson.  The Jets figure with Patterson they have a special teams guy and gadget play guy – but the 1st and 3rd rounder are too much to resist.  At first it seems as if the Vikings over pay, but like the Raiders, they pair they quarterback of the future with a can’t miss wide receiver prospect in Cooper.


Amari Cooper, Alabama

7th Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars – When the clock starts ticking on the Jags, they regret not getting an extra pick out of the Bears.  They decide to give Paul Posluszny some help on defense and draft linebacker Vic Beasley.  Smart move because it screws the team next up on the clock.

Vic Beasley, Clemson

8th Pick: Atlanta Falcons – Beasley is who the Falcons wanted initially but now are left to number two on their list.  They draft Shane Ray out of Missouri which doesn’t help this pathetic defense at all.  Shane Ray probably never becomes a starter and the Falcons are still terrible.

Shane Ray, Missouri 

9th Pick:  New York Giants – The Giants select an offensive lineman.  The Giants are boring.  They actually don’t want to draft anything but lineman this entire draft.  Weirdos.

Brandon Scherff, Iowa

10th Pick: Cleveland Browns – The Browns had tried moving up for Cooper or White but teams did not like their offers that included Johnny Manziel and they have a feeling that the Jets at pick 11 would take Nelson Agholor so the Browns make the jump up to take him and trade to the Rams their first and third round picks.  It’s a high price to pay for the 4th or 5th best wideout in the draft, who won’t catch more than 40 passes this year because this team is just awful – but come on, it’s the Browns.


Nelson Agholor, USC

11th Pick: New York Jets – The Jets send a text to Cleveland after they pick that reads “We didn’t want Agholor.”   They draft Devante Parker, who should pair up nicely with the veteran wideouts the Jets already have in Decker and Marshall.

Devante Parker, Louisville 

12th Pick: St. Louis Rams – The Rams are tired of being that “good but not good enough” team and they play with the idea of drafting Todd Gurley but decide to go with a tackle for reasons unbeknown to anyone.

Ereck Flowers, Miami 

13th Pick: New Orleans Saints – The Saints know that they’re team stinks so they decide to take one of the biggest gambles in the draft and take Randy Gregory.  Gregory had a failed drug test and is for all accounts addicted to marijuana.  This is too easy of a segue to say one of those “Saints chances go up in smokes with Gregory” lines so, we’ll let it go. . .

Randy Gregory, Nebraska 

14th Pick: Miami Dolphins – No big deal here, they needed secondary help and they have their choice of the best corners on the market. They  go with the product out of Washington though, Marcus Peters, which makes Trae Waynes (who was invited to the Draft in Chicago) shake his head and take a sip from his drink like Kermit the Frog in those memes.

Marcus Peters, Washington

15th Pick: Philadelphia Eagles – Don’t let him fool you, Chip Kelly wanted Marcus Mariota.  He couldn’t make a deal happen with anybody for it to happen and he’s been steaming for over an hour.  When it gets to him that San Francisco wants Arik Armstead, Kelly flips out in total frustration and makes a deal with San Fran.  The two swap teams and Chip Kelly apparently tells San Fran he will trade his best offensive weapon to them at the end of the 2015 season.  Kelly will do anything to get his Oregon men.

Arik Armstead, Oregon 

16th Pick: Houston Texans – Bill O’Brien and the Texans were on the phones with New Orleans for a while in a move that would move Drew Brees to Houston, but nothing comes of it.  Texans realize they are going to have to ride with “it is what it is” potential of Ryan Mallet and/or Brian Hoyer at the quarterback position and add depth to their secondary in the process.


Trae Waynes, Michigan State 

17th Pick: San Diego Chargers – The Chargers now have Marcus Mariota and no idea where to go with their 17th pick.  If the Titans played a little more hardball, the Chargers would’ve thrown this pick into the Mariota deal, but instead the Chargers take running back Todd Gurley.  The Chargers figure if this is truly a rebuild, they will go with a quarterback with questionable NFL skill and a running back coming off injury.  Thank God they have those sweet powder blue throwback jerseys though.

Todd Gurley, Georgia 

18th Pick: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs will probably be terrible in 2015.  No other team behind them wants to move into their spot and they have nothing to trade (although those sneaky devils from Dallas tried trading for Jamaal Charles).  They just decide to take the best player on their board.

Eddie Goldman, Florida State

19. Cleveland Browns – The Browns are reckless and that’s why we love them.  The Browns decide to come out of nowhere and draft Devin Funchess out of Michigan.  Funchess won’t burn anybody, but he has great hands and gets to the height of the ball.  Good luck getting touches in this offense though.

Devin Funchess, Michigan

20.  Philadelphia Eagles – Reluctantly, Chip Kelly goes and drafts a player who is not on offense and is not from Oregon.

Landon Collins, Alabma

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Marvin Lewis gets an extension although he’s never won a playoff game.  The Bengals are obviously drunk this entire off-season and draft and select defensive end Henry Anderson and laugh hysterically because it the name reminds them of the movie “Harry and the Hendersons.”  Every representative of the Bengals is asked to leave Chicago.

Henry Anderson, Stanford   

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Rooney family is upset the draft is not taking place in New York, because they wanted to be close to their casino in Yonkers, Empire City – to celebrate their pick, which might end up being the steal of the draft in offensive lineman, D.J. Humphries.

DJ Humphries, Florida

23. Detroit Lions – Detroit defiantly drafts Danny Shelton out of Washington.  Hoping it fills the void left by Ndamokong Suh.  Bears fans in Chicago moan, because it won’t fill the void, but it’ll do just enough. . .

Danny Shelton, Washington

24.  Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals were in trade talks with the Jets who wanted to take a chance on UCLA quarterback Brett Hundely in this spot.  The Cardinals were going to do it, but decided that taking Hundley is actually a good idea for a team that was riddled with injury in quarterback depth last season.  The Cardinals text the Jets afterwards “No hard feelings, K?”


Brett Hundley, UCLA

25. Carolina Panthers – Thrilled that Peat is still on the board, the Panthers look to bolster a line that needs more of a push up front.  Cam Newton was hit  way too much last year.  Peat can be a starter for the next ten years in Carolina.

Andrus Peat, Stamford 

26. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens would’ve loved to get one of the top three wideouts in the draft but just didn’t have the tools to make it happen.  Instead they don’t reach and they draft the best player available, La’el Collins of LSU.

La’el Collins, LSU

27.  Dallas Cowboys –  Everyone expects the Cowboys to draft Melvin Gordon here, but instead they do the smart thing and draft linebacker Bud Depree out of Kentucky.  He may lack a “motor” but he has great athleticism to help bolster this defense.  It’s not a sexy pick for the Cowboys but it’s the smarter pick.   Plus, with a name like “Bud” it kind of sounds like he belongs in the state of Texas.

Bud Depree, Kentucky

28.  New York Jets – The Jets become unnecessarily nervous about not getting Brett Hundley and still having Geno Smith at quarterback.  They trade their second and fourth round pick to Denver to draft Bryce Petty out of Baylor.  Petty can own a room and will work the New York media at first — but prove he can’t own a huddle and get worked out of the starting job by week 4.  Come on, Jets. . .


Bryce Petty, Baylor

29.  Indianapolis Colts – Colts decide on a corner at this spot.  The Colts are a weird team this year – Andrew Luck is a gem but a lot of wholes elsewhere.  This may be the year Luck flips out and says “Give me and Hilton more help.”

Byron Jones, UConn

30. Green Bay Packers – The Packers make a move that helps solidify the middle of the defense by selecting Shaq Thompson.  Teaming up the athletic and aggressive Thompson with Clay Matthews ends up being a nightmare.  For the second time tonight in Chicago, Bears fans let out a disgruntled moan. . .


Shaq Thompson, Washington 

31.  New Orleans Saints – The team may have reached, but they go after a sort of hybrid pass rusher out of Virgina.  Drew Brees is bummed out because he almost got traded and then when he got over that, he was hoping the team would draft wide receiver Jalen Strong out of Arizona State.

Eli Harold, Virginia 

32. Minnesota Vikings – The Patriots held the last pick in the first round and realize that although they just won a Super Bowl, their window for winning another is quickly approaching.  The Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era has about two or three years at most left – so why not go for broke?  The Patriots decided to trade their first pick for veteran running back Adrian Peterson, who wants out of Minnesota.  The Vikings, who already gave Bridgewater, Amari Cooper in this draft, decide to give him help in the backfield and it ISN’T Melvin Gordon.  The Vikings draft Duke Johnson, who ultimately ends up being the best back out of this class.  . .  Bears fans never want the draft in Chicago ever again.


Duke Johnson, Miami

G.W. Gras

twitter @GeeSteelio

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