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Not Bending For Beckham

New York Giants star wide-receiver Odell Beckham Jr., said he would not step onto a football field without his contract issue being resolved.  The “issue” being that Beckham wants to be the highest paid wide-out in the NFL.  This is a problem for the NY Giants because they are not used to being threatened by a player and because they are generally not known as a team who will overpay for talent – no matter who it is.  But this problem might find a very satisfying remedy if the rumors coming out are true.  The rumor is that the NY Giants are indeed shopping Beckham around – and the price would include a first round pick for this year’s draft.

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The New York Giants were 3-13 last season and find themselves with the number two overall pick in the draft.  The whole direction of the draft kinda-sorta depends on what the Giants want to do with that #2 overall pick.  Now, with the possibility of getting another first round pick – the Giants can try to revamp their roster the right way and look to a bright future that won’t be that distant.

The Giants have options here if they trade Beckham.  “Options” aren’t essentially granted to a team coming off of a three-win season.

The first team that comes up in trade talks with the Giants for Odell Beckham Jr. is – surprise, surprise – the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns have been very aggressive in the off-season and are making moves that actually “make sense” for a change.  The Browns have the money under the cap to pay Beckham what he wants, they already acquired Jarvis Landry (a close friend of Beckham’s), and they have more than enough “draft-pick-capital” to trade to the NY Giants.  The Browns have the 1st and 4th overall picks and also have three picks in the second round.

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Depending on how the Giants wanted to play this, they could end up with the 2nd and 4th overall picks of this year’s draft, and in addition pick up maybe two more second round picks — if the Browns wanted to get really crazy they might throw in a first or second round pick in the 2019 draft – but that probably wouldn’t be necessary.

With those picks, the Giants could do literally whatever they wanted. They could draft a quarterback and maybe  Bradley Chubb, the pass rusher out of N.C. State.  They could take Quinton Nelson, the offensive lineman from Notre Dame and Penn State running back Saquon Barkley OR they could trade that number two overall pick to a team like Buffalo or Arizona who might trade their first round pick and some more goodies to the Giants so they can grab a quarterback.

The bottom line is, why WOULDN’T the Giants trade Beckham?  Although he is undeniably one of the most talented receivers in the league, he’s also a loud mouth, a self entitled diva -with a target on his back – and he is also coming off of an ankle injury that ended his 2017 campaign.  The Browns would and should do this deal because they can get their QB with the number one overall pick and have him set up with a pretty decent offense (better than what ANY of these top ranked quarterbacks had for themselves at college).

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The wide-receiver position is NOT the position you pay the big bucks to when you have other needs, and especially if you’re rebuilding.   The Giants have to think “big picture” here and right now they are the third (and maybe even) the fourth best team in their division.  Trading Beckham would help get things in the right direction for them, immediately.

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T.O.C.T.M – August ’16

The Only Column That Matters: August 2016. . .


Suicide Squad was released into theaters this week and critics killed it.  My favorite had to be Mick Laselle of the San Francisco Chronicle who said: “it’s like watching other people play video games — except they’re not really playing them, and there’s not much suspense about who will win. And you can’t escape. And the music is terrible. And you barely know what’s going on. And you’re stuck there for two hours.”  Those are harsh words from somebody named Mick who’s last name isn’t Mantle, or Mouse – regardless this just shows how DC Comics can’t manipulate a single decent story line to the big screen.  They crapped their pants with “Batman vs Superman” and we’re depending on a bunch of B-list characters from the comic universe (and the Joker) to bring life to their movie franchise.  Meanwhile, Marvel releases “Ant Man” where Paul Rudd is the super hero and people loved it.  Something just isn’t right here.


The Olympics are underway and about 5% of the American population is really intrigued.  Let’s be honest, it’s all about America’s favorite pot-head Mike Phelps and it’s all about us cheating in basketball.  And while most athletes have complained about the conditions in Rio, the U.S.A Men’s Basketball team is living it up on a docked cruise ship.  I mean, it’s smart and one can’t really blame them but one can also argue that it’s a bit much.  If it wasn’t enough that our basketball teams are mega stars with millions of dollars – they further isolated themselves from the bunch by “flossing” on a cruise ship.  Although, after the opening ceremonies the players on the team “accidentally” found themselves in a local brothel so they weren’t totally isolated themselves from the people of Brazil. . .


The NFL is on it’s pre-season kick right now and everyone with an opinion (including myself) thinks they can predict everything that will happen in the upcoming season.  One hot topic has been the budding rivalry between N.Y. Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr and Washington Redskins corner back Josh Norman.  The two were infamously caught up in a constant slap battle which turned into a head-butting clinic last season and they will face each other twice during this season.  So who has the edge?  Easily, Odell.  Beckham is just a better athlete while Norman doesn’t have the loosest hips as a defensive back; and also reports from Redskins camps is that Norman is getting beat deep a lot.  History has also shown that when the Redskins pay big bucks for someone, they usually forget how to play the game of football.

Can anybody explain to me why DJ Khaled is so famous?   I just saw this guy on a commercial for f’n soy milk.  As one who drinks soy milk, I found it offensive that I drink the same thing as this beast of a human being.  People tell me he’s a “great follow on snapchat.”  First off, I don’t have and never will have a snapchat account and how does one attain “greatness” in snapchattery?  He just released a new album “Major Keys” which is no doubt another album which finds Khaled playing “Fantasy Hip Hop” by putting various artists together on multiple tracks.  Eh, that’s actually not a bad thing, and I actually respect the fact that it’s his album and he can get away with making compilations – it’s a hustle to be respected, but not a hustle to sponsor soy milk.


On Sunday, Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement.  Well, sorta.  As a huge, huge fan of A-Rod, I was going to write a very romantic piece about the greatest player I’ve seen in recent history but then after re-analyzing what was said on Sunday – I paused.  The Yankees are conditionally releasing him, paying him the full amount of his contract BUT he is staying on as an advisor throughout that contract.  Also, general manager Brian Cashman was very shady in answering the question of “would you let A-Rod play anywhere else?”  The whole situation looks questionable and it’s hard to believe that Rodriguez would just stop chasing 700 home runs at this point.  Many folks will say “he’s a cheater” or “his numbers are tainted” and I truly believe those people should take heed to the Jay-Z line “You should be happy to be in my presence.”

Anyhow, that’s the mess I’m talking for this month in The Only Column That Matters.  Check out the podcast TheOnlyShowThatMatters hosted by myself and Nick Celio on the NGSCRadio Network and follow our page on Facebook


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